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Kinga’s Lounge “Serving Authentic Polish Cuisine since 2008

Denver’s Only Polish Bar & Restaurant

Kinga’s Lounge is where you will find Polish cuisine, full bar and many, many more other details which create something what you can define as great ambience. Our guests just love a cozy atmosphere for any celebrations, private parties or just taste of traditional Polish kitchen flavors and original Polish drinks.



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Today's Offer

  • $14


    Beef goulash, potato pancakes, pickles,
    cabbage salad & beets

  • $14


    Two beef & rice stuffed cabbage rolls,
    fresh cut fries, beets.

  • $12

    Chef’s Pierogi

    Sauteed potato & cheese pierogies,
    mushrooms, onions, red kielbasa,
    apple cider vinegar, scallions,
    sour cream.

  • Polish White Borscht (Bialy Barszcz) cup/5$, bowl/7$

    Traditional sour rye soup served w/ sausage & boiled egg

  • $10

    Lounge Nachos

    Homemade cheese sauce, pico de gallo, jalapenos,
    olives & sour cream (add chicken $4)

  • $10


    Choice of Thai Chili, Honey BBQ or Buffalo

  • $8

    Dill Pickle Chips

    Deep fried sliced battered pickles,
    served with garlic ranch dipping sauce.

  • $8

    Crispy Fried Pierogi

    Six polish stuffed dumplings served with sour cream

  • $15

    Farmer’s Platter

    Cold polish sausage cuts, european cheeses,
    marinated vegetables & bread

Pierogi for Home

Buy Our Pierogi

Top Polish Beers

Authentic Polish Cuisine


All you can eat pierogi $10.00/person

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A 20% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more,
no separate checks.


Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • $8

    Kielbasa & Sauerkraut

    Polish red smoked sausage, sauteed sauerkraut,
    spicy brown mustard

  • $14


    Beef goulash, potato pancakes, pickles,
    cabbage salad & beets

  • $7

    Apple Pie

    House Apple pie served w/ ice-cream

  • $26

    Polish Platter

    Traditional pork schnitzel, polish meatball, four steamed
    pierogi, one red & one white kielbasa, bigos, mizeria,
    cabbage salad & beet mash.

  • $12.99

    Polski Breakfast

    Grilled red smoked sausage, fried eggs, bacon, cheese,

    tomato, bread, spicy mustard & bbq

  • Polish Red Borscht (Barszcz Czerwony) cup/5$, bowl/7$

    Served with your choice of pierogi


What Our Clients Say

Our clients

Enjoy You Call It Drinks every Monday Night from 10pm till close

$2 All House Infused Vodkas & Wells

$5 Selected Premium liquors ( Zubrowka, Tito’s, Jack Daniels, Jameson & more)

You Call It Mondays

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