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Kinga's Lounge

Welcome to the old Colmar mansion.

The mansion was build in 1889. It as single family home until 115 when a drugstore open in the addition on the Colax side. Colmar was one of the first of the Colfax mansions which was converted into apartments. The mansion has been home to historical figures like Earl B. Cox who controlled the Denver Times and published the improprieties of Fredrick Bonfils at the Denver Post.

Pharmacist Thomas R. Bray owned the building from 1913 to 1950.

From the late 1960’s thru the 1980′, Anne Schmidt had the Heidelberg – German restaurant.

From 1994 to 2004 it was the Janleone – Italian best food in Denver.

It is rumored one of the mansions earliest occupants, G.V. Kram, a wealthy miner, discovered his wife, who married him for his money, had a young lover. Kram went to the basement, buried his wealth and hanged himself. His spirit has moved upstairs to the vacant floors of the old mansion. A few recent diners have reported seeing the old man counting his money behind the thin curtains of the window overlooking the patio. The spirit of a woman, who died in the mansion is very friendly. You can hear her laughter when the building is quiet. The staff calls her Ollie. There is even a large dog who walks the upper floors. Occasionally, you can see his footprints in the dust.

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